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Securing high value crash jobs requires
on-demand flexible pricing and online
reporting tools.

Our solution gives dealers both
– in real time.



Our variable support program ensures dealers can quote competitively on parts prices for crash repairs.

Dealers need on demand flexibility to secure these high value jobs and online reporting tools to monitor budget allocations and performance in real time.

Experience proves non genuine parts can often be forced upon repairers due to inflexible pricing from vehicle manufacturers. Our solution removes this issue.

Why do customer needs for mechanical parts differ to collision parts?

Mechanical Customer Needs

  • Average Invoice value £100
  • Desired turnaround time – multiple times daily
  • Little time to shop – need confidence in supplier
  • Vehicle owner is end customer and does not dictate pricing
  • Trade Club Mechanical Parts Sales provides confidence through competitive prices and solid margins
  • Manufacturers need to price parts competitively up front

Collision Customer Needs

  • Average invoice £350+
  • Typical turnaround time 1-2 weeks
  • Price dictated by insurance companies
  • Typically goes to quote for parts pricing for each job with less than 24-hour response time
  • More uncertainty means dealers may be more aggressive on price for certain jobs
  • Receiving additional support from vehicle manufacturers is restricted by internal approval processes

Collision Support Program (CSP)

Managed entirely by Nexus through normal monthly sales submissions from participating Trade Club dealers, our solution has been successfully operating for eight years.

CSP is an adjustable rebate program that allows dealers to be competitive and win sales when required. It’s completely customisable and, through the unique pricing structure, ensures dealers can maintain a minimum margin when sold within a manufacturer-defined price range.

Manufacturers want…

Dealers to aggressively price larger jobs to ensure write-offs and non-genuine sales are minimised.

The ability to instantaneously provide support within set parameters, controlled by a budget for each dealer.

Dealers want…

Quotation system – Dealers instantly see support available when parts are quoted below retail price.

Online suite of reports – Easy to monitor budget allocations and performance.


• Enables dealers to maximise the equilibrium price in the market to maximise sales
• The use of an adjustable rebate system enables dealers to reach the market price when required
• Costs are controlled with set budgets by dealer, based on sales history and market competitiveness
• Automated and reportable
• Instant approval to meet customer quote timings – no delay waiting for Manufacturer approval
• Provides manufacturer with real marketing pricing to assist in pricing reviews

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