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We provide a robust framework that
helps vehicle manufacturers recapture
and retain market share, whist giving dealers
a profitable route to market for their genuine parts.



With all vehicle manufacturers producing cars and vans that require less maintenance, it’s inevitable that customers are making fewer visits to dealers. Maintenance requirements increase as vehicles get older, particularly as they change ownership and the relationship between original owner and dealership ends.

For many years, franchised dealers have tried and failed to attract this older vehicle parc (typically over three years old) back into their workshops. They are being serviced and repaired by the independent motor trade.

It is difficult for dealers to attract this older parc, but successful trade parts operations embrace this scenario and concentrate on supplying the independent motor trade with genuine manufacturer parts. They aim to become the first and logical choice for genuine parts.

What is Trade Club?

Vehicle owners choose where they go for servicing and repairs for a whole host of reasons, but we see a familiar pattern. Post warranty vehicles typically slip away from the franchised service workshop into the independent trade.

Trade Club acts as a safety net. As repairers look to source more competitively priced aftermarket parts, Trade Club can capture parts sales that would otherwise be lost to factors.

We find the win-win-win

Manufacturers want…

… a long-term sustainable parts growth strategy that maximises the profit opportunity available on high margin parts.


Trade Club offers a clear route to a viable market without compromising existing service volumes or profitability.

Dealers want…

…… another profit stream with the means to sell proactively, with no impact on existing service business or profitability.


Trade Club provides participating dealers with the tools to grow their parts business.

The trade want…

… easy access to genuine parts at competitive prices.


Trade Club focuses on the fastest-moving, most competitive parts and optimises the dealer as the first choice for genuine

Nexus delivers

The strongest, most effective Trade Club program is based on four key pillars and we do them all:


Nexus delivers a DMS-integrated program to collect, review and validate incoming data then reward dealers for sales to Trade Club members, not purchases from manufacturers.

  • Provide next generation reporting tools
  • Monitor performance and highlight opportunities
  • Offer valuable analysis and insights


A rebate structure allows dealers to sell competitively and maintain an acceptable margin.

  • Ensure guaranteed price competitiveness on key promoted parts
  • Protect existing Dealer and manufacturer service margins using rebate payment solution
  • Enable local pricing flexibility to take on aftermarket parts suppliers


Nexus provides an experienced team to drive the Trade Club program and to assist vehicle manufacturers with headcount restrictions.

  • Actively recruit the very best from within the industry – both field and Head Office staff
  • Deliver exceptional training programs to develop dealer sales proactivity
  • Promote partnership with the trade, not competition


Always sensitive to corporate guidelines, Nexus are trusted custodians to some of the biggest global brands.

  • Create and establish a clear program identity
  • Speak to members in a language they can relate to
  • Generate targeted material to support dealers and members
  • Deliver joined-up marketing campaigns
  • Provide detailed analytics to demonstrate ROI
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