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Given the ratio of independent repairers
to franchised dealers, sometimes it’s more
effective to incentivise dealer teams to sell
rather than independent repairers to buy.



With as many as 400 independent repairers for every dealer in a franchise, vehicle manufacturers can get a bigger bang for their marketing buck by incentivising parts departments to sell rather than independent repairers to buy.

We are expert at devising, launching, and running effective incentives that engage parts teams for the duration and continue to have an impact long after the promotion period has ended.

Campaign: Trade Club Cup

Customer: Vauxhall/Opel Ireland

Period: Multiple

Overview: Dealer Parts Departments compete head-to-head over a series of weekly or monthly football-themed matches. Teams score goals by outperforming the competition in selected KPIs, product group, or customer group categories. Top performers in each league go through to compete in a knockout stage for the right to be crowned champions.

Results: 15.5% uplift in hard parts sales, sustained and extended year-on-year. Educational value through focussing parts people on the importance and impact of individual KPIs and customer groups, and how to influence them. Cost effective: winning a match, league or the overall competition becomes more important than the financial reward (although this helps).

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